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Raising Black Boys Review

Raising Black Boys
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I must say that I was very apprehensive about purchasing this book because I didn't get a chance to preview any pages. However, the title alone caught my attention. I recommend this book for any woman or man raising a black child (especially a boy). You should get this book before your son or daughter turns 12 because they WILL try you and this book is a good guide on getting and keeping them on the right track.
Just in case you're wondering what's inside the book here's a heads up:
a)Women you will see why you shouldn't attempt to raise your sons to be men alone or keep them from seeing their (possibly dead beat) dads.
b)Women you will also be able to question youselves on whether you are raising you sons to be future husbands and fathers or a 40 year old boy that will (pimp you)live with you forever.
c)Dads it will give you a good follow up on how to father and be a man even if you never had instruction in your own life growing up.
Lastly, it is helpful material on not giving up on your child; sons, nephews, or male neighbors.
Jawanza Kunjufu did a great job with this book. I'm taking a trip with my son and nephew to Morehouse and practicing his methods effective immediately!!

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Geared towards African American parents, this handbook offers more than 100 tips on successfully guiding boys into manhood and helping them avoid common pitfalls. By understanding the detrimental impact that peer pressure, rap music, and television have on today’s youth, especially males, parents can learn how to effectively support their children.

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